GASBhelp Tool

Small public employers, are you eligible? Use the tool.

GASBhelp™ is for small public employers with fewer than 100 plan members that must comply with GASB 45.

The GASB 45 Alternative Measurement Method (AMM) provides an opportunity for small employers to fully comply with Statement 45 while saving time and money. Most employers that qualify for the AMM are also eligible to use GASBhelp, an online GASB 45 AMM tool built by Milliman in accordance with the methodologies of the GASB 45 AMM. GASBhelp has been tested rigorously by Milliman actuaries to confirm accuracy using sample cases from GASB 45 literature as well as real-life test cases. Results were calculated manually by actuaries and then compared to tool results to verify that answers were identical.

GASBhelp uses the streamlined GASB 45 AMM, presented using easy-to-answer questions and step-by-step guidance about OPEB plan components, contribution strategies, and eligible beneficiaries. GASBhelp also delivers a comprehensive report that provides all information necessary to comply with GASB 45 valuation requirements at a very attractive cost.

GASBhelp users receive value-added features including PowerPoint presentations that can be used to educate governing bodies, a white paper that provides ideas on how to reduce the liability, and access to Milliman GASB experts and actuaries to answer their questions.